New edition in two volumes

Updated 24 MAY 2016 by Daniel Callahan

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"Euclid's 'Elements' Redux" is an open textbook on mathematical logic and geometry based on Euclid's "Elements" for use in grades 7-12 and in undergraduate college courses on proof writing.

Many problem solvers throughout history wrestled with Euclid as part of their early education including Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Ada Lovelace, Abraham Lincoln, Bertrand Russell, and Albert Einstein. This edition is part of an effort to ensure that tomorrow's great thinkers will have that same privilege.

Volume I contains Books I-III, and Volume II contains Books IV-VIII.

Current versions:
PDF: 2016-145
Volume 1: 2016-145 (Amazon mistakenly lists 2016-098)
Volume 2: 2016-098



New edition in two volumes

To Do

Correct errors in current text, write Volume III containing Books IX-XIII

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